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Bali is one of the best tourist destinations in the world, apart from tourism, Bali also has many craftsmen and produces various kinds of products such as furniture, handicrafts, household appliances, home decoration items, etc., which are scattered all over the island.!


Finding quality wholesale products and wholesale manufacturers in Bali and Indonesia can be difficult. Asia Bali Trading provides overseas buyers seeking to find and purchase quality products with wholesale sourcing & buying agency service. As a sourcing agent for wholesale products, we will seek out and find quality manufacturers and wholesale products to meet your product specifications. As a buying agent, we are able to purchase on your behalf any products made in Bali & Indonesia to ensure the best wholesale prices, terms and conditions.

Quality Check

We realize that the quality of the products we provide is very important to us and our customers. Therefore we have a team that is very competent and experienced in terms of checking the quality of the product. We will check the quality of the goods that you buy from us first before arriving at your home. so you don’t need to worry because the goods you will receive will be in accordance with what you ordered.

the “asia bali trading” team will make several visits to the production factory to ensure product quality meets the standards you provide. We will also ensure that the color, shape or other details of the item you ordered are in accordance with your instructions.

Our quality control process is not only at supplier production, but also during packing and loading procedures before delivery. Our team will supervise the way of packing, and loading.

You can also find out the latest news about the items you ordered by sending us a message whether it’s via WhatsApp, telephone, or other media that can be used. we will be happy to serve you in this matter.

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