This handmade bag is perfect for you who want to make your day more beautiful. It’s a great bag to carry your stuff. And its price is reasonable, high quality, Perfect for any trip or everyday use.

Size(cm) : 18x11x19(HH01), 18,5x13x20(HH02), 18x8x20(HH03), 20×9,5×14(HH04), 21x8x12,5(HH05), 17×9,5×25(HH06), 20×10,5×24(HH07), 22x10x17(HH08), 24x8x14(HH09), 23x8x21(HH10), 22,5×8,5×16(HH11), 20×11,5×15(HH13), 28x10x20(HH14), 20x20x6,5(HH15), 20x10x24(HH16), 20x20x7(HH17), 24×13,5×21(HH18), 25×13,5×18(HH19), 33×10,5×23(HH20), 26,5x11x18(HH21), 30x19x17(HH22), 16x12x16(HH24), 38x10x24,5(HH25), 29x11x20(HH26), 21,5×6,5×15,5(HH27), 10x11x13(HH28), 30x10x12,5(HH29), 19×9,5×15(HH30), 15,5×9,5×28(HH31),

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